Bayla Comics

Artists Statement

Hinda Avery began creating BAYLA COMICS in 2017. Bayla, the name of the protagonist in all Avery’s comics, is an older, muddled unfulfilled woman dealing with aging, anxiety and the need for affirmation in the art world. Each individual comic singles out, with dark humor, one of Bayla’s many issues. 

Among Avery’s social concerns is the proliferation of highly sexualized images of young women in popular comic books. Few, if any, images of older women, or stories that relate to their lives appear in these publications. BAYLA COMICS are filling a much-needed niche in the mainstream comic art scene.

Avery’s comics come in three formats: as regular sized comics, as large wall panels and as animated films.

Click the covers below to download PDF versions of the full comics.

Bayla Anthology – Bayla’s Got Issues

Individual Comics

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